Jumping Games

Try out different jumps and tricks to get by those troublesome obstacles and traps!

Jumping unblocked games

The best games involve jumping! This kind of game spans a wide variety of genres, from running and surfing to sports and traditional platformers. Jumping games call for dexterity, skill, and timely responses. You must be able to think far ahead and have quick fingers. For instance, the Vex series is a well-known jumping game where you control a stick figure and navigate dangerous traps and numerous obstacles by jumping. Play one of the Vex games to test it out (e.g. in Vex 5, the most recent game in the series). On the other hand, Color Switch is a fun jumping game where you have to keep making your ball hop in order to make it through different puzzles. Why not stretch out and put your bounce to the test with our other fantastic jumping games?

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