Slope Unblocked

The fantastic arcade game Slope Tunnel is akin to the fantastic Tunnel Runner. The object of this game is to lead a ball through a series of 3D mazes. The ball moves at a high rate of speed, so you must act swiftly to control it. You must hop from platform to platform and keep the ball rolling at all costs. To move the ball, use the left and right arrows. Keep in mind that you should only move your ball onto the green platforms; if you touch any other platforms, your run will be ended and you will have to start over. Remember to collect the tiny dots to raise your score and slow down your journey. What is your highest possible score?

Release Date
February 2018

Slope Tunnel is developed by Faramel Games

Imposing platforms game avoidance in a green tunnel
Increasing pace that can be slowed down by gathering the tiny white dots
Platforms that are generated at random with each new game
The ball can only be made to jump left or right.

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